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Do you need to track inventory?  Are you a manufacturer, distributor or just keep product on hand for your own use?  You might need an inventory management plan or software.


Are any of these items on your wish list?

  • Does your inventory count reconcile easily with what you think you should have on hand according to your records?
  • Do you use Assemblies or Bills of Materials?
  • Do you have multi-level BOM”s?
  • Do you want or need to track actual cost per item including labor?
  • Do want to use barcodes?
  • Do you want to track profitability by job?
  • Are you tracking Serial/Lot Numbers?
  • Are you using Bins to keep track of your product?
  • Do you keep your product in multiple warehouse locations?
  • Do you sell at different price levels depending upon who your customer is?
  • Do you need to use or ship your product using FIFO or LIFO?
  • Are you having issues keeping your cost of goods sold accurate when your raw material costs keep changing?
  • Are your processes cumbersome?
  • Is the back-office accounting that is part of your inventory management system sub-par?
  • Are you frustrated because your software vendor doesn’t comprehend the accounting side of the equation and your accounting person isn’t familiar enough with the available software options?

If you are you having trouble finding a solution which accomplishes all of the above, then we at Edison Business Solutions can help!  We are experts in the financial as well as the inventory management side of your business. Our unique perspective and experience make the entire inventory management and integrated accounting process seamless and less stressful. This allows you to run your business more efficiently and to get meaningful and information out of your software to aid in business decision making.

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