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Work with Edison Business Solutions, Quickbooks, Order Time, Or All Orders to Gain Full Control Over Your Inventory, Distribution, and Manufacturing Needs

Edison Business Solutions works closely with All Orders, Order Time and QuickBooks to give you one company to handle all of your implementation and training needs. We understand Inventory, Manufacturing and Distribution and how a system needs to be configured. to achieve functionality and gain information on your inventory, manufacturing, distribution and finances. We also assist in setting up the reporting to match your requirements.


  • My inventory levels are negative and never accurate!
  • I’m hitting the Item limit in QuickBooks.
  • Lot or Serial number tracking lacks the ability to store important data such as the expiration date.
  • I can’t change the proportion of components on my assemblies/builds.
  • I need to share order & inventory data with sales reps and my other locations.
  • I don’t want to maintain a server!
  • I prefer to use Mac/Apple products.
  • I want to switch to QuickBooks Online.
  • I purchased QuickBooks and realized I need a more robust inventory management, distribution or manufacturing system
  • There is little support for Vendor management, part aliases, barcoding or automated purchasing.
  • Mi empresa opera en el idioma español. Necesito un software que pueda escalar con nosotros. [¡Order Time ahora está disponible en español!]
  • We’re a small enterprise and we’re not sure whether cloud-based solutions are able to handle us.
  • I want to be able to see my inventory in multiple locations
  • I want to be able to completely modify my invoices, sales orders and purchase orders
  • I need detailed inventory reports
  • I am using a spreadsheet to keep track of purchasing, shipping, receiving and inventory

If you have a manufacturing, wholesale or distribution business you need to effectively track inventory quantities, manufacturing operations and customer orders to stay competitive.

Both All Orders and Order Time are comprehensive inventory and order management systems that seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks to deliver enterprise-class solutions for inventory control and order management to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Quickbooks on line at an affordable price. They give the business owner, manager and accountant a competitive edge and the tools to do their tasks faster, easier and more efficiently in purchasing, shipping and receiving, order entry,  production, and inventory control to help them make better more informed business decisions.

Intelligent Inventory Status: Optimizes your inventory and keeps track of your stock at all times. Get accurate stock levels in real-time as stock comes in and moves out. You can quickly view inventory status, see what’s available,  committed, allocated and in transit; not just what’s “on-hand” to quickly determine what needs to be reordered, and easily create a batch of purchase orders for multiple vendors at the same time.

Streamlined Purchase Orders to Sales Orders to Shipping Documents: Generate quotes and sales orders and track their statuses while controlling approvals. Manage leads, customers, contacts and addresses. Create alerts and notifications. Each time you get a customer purchase order, you create a sales order for either inventory or non-inventory items. With a single click, you can determine what’s in stock and create the necessary shipping documents.

Fast and Accurate Costing: Costs finish goods using bill of materials. You designate which components go into a finished product. The software computes the cost, mark-up and mark-up percent automatically.

Pick Pack and Ship: Shipping integration with ShipStation automatically syncs sales with shipments, and syncs tracking numbers to Ship Docs. Within ShipStation you complete the shipment and print the shipping label.

Label Printing & Barcode Management: Keep track of items by assigning barcodes to them. Scan items into sales orders, invoices, and more to avoid manual data entry. Create labels with the custom label designer and print them using the special integration.

Kitting & Assembly: Bundle a group of items together to sell as a single unit. Individual items and components can be kitted as products and sold. Set up assemblies for everything you manufacture to make work orders quick & easy.

Ecommerce Integrations: Order Time features Ecommerce integrations such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Volusion and 3dcart. They are always adding new integrations and features.

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