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A Cautionary Inventory Management Tale

By Brad Distel on 10 May 17 Manufacturing

Stop me if you’ve been here before: A company’s CFO and bookkeeper are looking over their Quickbooks records, and for some reason, their inventory and their cost of goods sold don’t match up to what they should be. Neither the CFO nor the bookkeeper can figure out the problem’s source. Convinced fixing this would be […]

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Not Just A Rent-A-CFO

By edison-admin on 24 January 17 Uncategorized

Welcome to Edison Business Solutions! When I tell people that I do outsourced CFO services, many people respond with “Oh, so you’re a Rent-a-CFO?” Not exactly.  I perform many CFO services, but I also take great interest in figuring out the best accounting system for them to use and help them analyze their results so […]

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